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After US Capitol Hill Violence, Democrat Voices Calling For Trump’s Impeachment Grow Louder

File photo of US President Donald Trump. (AP)

File photo of US President Donald Trump. (AP)

Democrats, criticising Wednesday’s violence, said to protect American democracy it must be ensured that Trump can never run for president again.

Donald Trump finally conceded defeat to Democratic president-elect Joe Biden hours after the violence in the US Capitol Hill that left four people dead and a nation aghast.

While several Democrats and political experts had called for impeaching Trump again, the voices only grew louder in the aftermath of the violence on Wednesday. From Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez to Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Democrats banded together to call for Trump’s impeachment to ensure he can never run for office again.

Democratic Representative Omar said on Twitter that she was drawing up articles of impeachment against Trump. She said, “Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate. We can’t allow him to remain in office, it’s a matter of preserving our Republic and we need to fulfill our oath.”

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Meanwhile Cortez, who had called for Trump's impeachment in light of his call with the Georgia Secretary of State, took to Twitter to just say “Impeach”.

Governor of Illinois JB Pritzker said in a statement, “I don’t make a statement like this lightly: Two weeks is too long for Donald Trump to remain in office, where he can continue to incite more untold violence.”

Others said that Trump was unfit to serve in office for a second time. US Congresswoman Lori Trahan said, “Donald Trump is directly responsible for the attack on the Capitol. He’s unfit to serve a second more as President or ever hold office again. He should resign immediately. If not, his cabinet should invoke the 25th Amendment. If they are too cowardly, Congress must impeach him.”

Calling Trump directly responsible for the incident on Wednesday, Congressman Seth Moulton said, “He needs to be removed from office immediately. It is the Constitutional responsibility of Vice President Pence and the cabinet to exercise the power granted them by the 25th amendment.”

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Reuters pointed out that it was a misconception that “impeachment” refers to the removal of a president from office. The news agency said that, in fact, impeachment refers only to the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Congress, bringing charges that a president engaged in a “high crime or misdemeanor” – similar to an indictment in a criminal case.

Even though Trump has only two weeks in office, people pointed out that keeping him in office for even this period could put the country in danger.

The New York Times columnist Brett Stephens said in an opinion piece, “To allow Trump to serve out his term, however brief it may be, puts the nation’s safety at risk, leaves our reputation as a democracy in tatters and evades the inescapable truth that the assault on Congress was an act of violent sedition aided and abetted by a lawless, immoral and terrifying president.”

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