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'Economic Boom, 5 Million Jobs': White House Pats Itself for 'Historic Achievements' Under Trump

File photo of US President Donald Trump. (Image: Reuters)

File photo of US President Donald Trump. (Image: Reuters)

But during these two years, America has been experiencing a bitter political divide which is reflected in the ongoing partial government shutdown for a record nearly one month.

  • Last Updated: January 21, 2019, 11:08 PM IST
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Washington: As Donald Trump completed two years of his presidency, the White House claimed that the US has seen "historic" achievements, including an economic boom, creation of over five million new jobs and China held accountable for its "unfair" trade practices.

Trump assumed office on January 20, 2017. But during these two years, America has been experiencing a bitter political divide which is reflected in the ongoing partial government shutdown for a record nearly one month.

This is a result of the sharp differences between the ruling Republican led by Trump and the opposition Democrats, which is now in a majority in the House of Representatives, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over Trump's controversial USD 5.7 billion border wall proposal.

But for the political quagmire in Washington DC, the White House on Sunday patted itself as a historically successful two years of Trump's presidency.

"Honoured to serve as Trump's Vice President these past two years, working to deliver historic results for the American people - an economic boom, rolling back red tape, rebuilding our military & restoring American leadership on the world stage. PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT!," Vice President Mike Pence tweeted.

"It has been an unforgettable two years in the White House. I am honoured to serve this great nation!," First Lady Melania Trump said.

In a fact sheet, the White House said Trump has achieved historic results in these two years. Trump's pro-growth policies are unleashing economic growth and providing opportunities to workers across the country, it said adding that it has ignited historic boom.

"Due to President Trump's pro-growth policies, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth exceeded 3 per cent over the last four quarters.

Real GDP grew at annual rates of 3.4 per cent in the third quarter of 2018 and 4.2 per cent in the second quarter," it said noting that more than five million jobs have been created since Trump's election and the unemployment rate remains below 4 per cent.

Asserting that Trump is rolling back costly regulations that have burdened hardworking Americans and stifled innovation, the White House said Trump is negotiating fair and balanced trade deals that protect American industries and workers.

The new trade agreement, the United StatesMexicoCanada Agreement (USMCA) that replaces The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will better serve the interests of American workers and businesses, it said, adding that the administration renegotiated the USKorea Free Trade Agreement to preserve and grow jobs in the American auto industry and increase American exports.

Observing that the US and Japan are set to begin negotiations on a United StatesJapan Trade Agreement, the White House said Trump is establishing a new trade relationship with the European Union (EU), working toward the elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers to transatlantic trade.

Trump has established a Trade and Investment Working Group to lay the groundwork for post-Brexit trade with the United Kingdom (UK) and has notified Congress of his intent to negotiate a free trade agreement with the UK.

Asserting that under Trump, the US will no longer accept bad trade deals and unfair trade practices that harm American workers and industries, it said one of the President's first actions after taking office was withdrawing the US from the terrible Trans-Pacific Partnership, which incentivised outsourcing.

In 2017, the Administration oversaw 82 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations.

"Trump is holding China accountable for its unfair trade practices, such as the theft of intellectual property, by imposing tariffs on USD 250 billion in Chinese goods," it said.

Following Trump's successful meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires, both agreed to conduct negotiations over 90 days to address the United States concerns.

American steel and aluminum jobs are coming back following Trump's tariffs to protect domestic industries that are vital to national security, the White House said adding that the US imposed tariffs to protect American-made washing machines and solar products that were hurt by import surges.

Trump is rebuilding military and defending America's interests across the world, it said listing out new defense budget of USD 700 billion, and new National Security Strategy.

"Trump empowered our military commanders with broad authority in order to take the fight to ISIS, and the results are clear. ISIS has lost nearly all of its territory, more than half of which has been liberated since President Trump took office," the White House said.

Observing that ISIS' territorial caliphate has been defeated and Trump has announced that he is bringing America's troops in Syria home, the White House said the president has announced a new Iran strategy to confront all of Iran's malign activities and withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal.

"All sanctions that had been lifted or waived under the Iran deal have been reimposed. The Administration has sanctioned more than 160 individuals tied to the regime's support of terrorism, ballistic missile program, human rights abuses, and more," it said.

Further, Trump is restoring American leadership on the world stage and advancing an America first agenda, the White House said as it listed historic summit with Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea, bringing beginnings of peace and denuclearisation to the Korean Peninsula and recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American embassy there; withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council; as some of his achievements.

"Trump's Administration is working to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific through investments and partnerships," the White House said. It also has taken tough action to combat Russia's malign activities, including Russia's efforts to undermine United States elections.
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