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Four Hispanic Men Killed, Five Others Injured As Two Gunmen Open Fire in US Bar

Representative image.

Representative image.

Although the deceased were all Hispanic, police have ruled out that the reason for the shooting was racially motivated.

Houston: Two gunmen opened fire inside a bar in the US state of Kansas, killing four people and injuring five others, police said.

The incident happened on Sunday in the Kansas city's Tequila KC bar when the suspects entered the bar and began shooting.

Police received a call regarding the incident around 1.27 am and immediately reacted to it, a senior police officer said.

"Police are also reviewing surveillance video from inside the bar and believe there might be two suspects who entered the bar and began shooting," Thomas Tomasic, from the Kansas City Police department, said.

He said police was getting different version of stories behind the incident.

"We're trying to separate out stories, find out the truthful from the maybe exaggerated a little bit and kind of going from there," he said.

"The four people who died were all Hispanic males, ranging in age from mid-20s to late-50s," he said, adding that the weapon used in the shooting was a handgun.

Authorities did not identify them further. Five others injured during the shooting were taken to a local hospitals and are said to be in a stable condition.

Police said they had no reason to believe that the shooting was racially motivated.

"It appeared to be an isolated incident, possibly related to a disturbance that occurred earlier in the bar," he said.

"We don't feel that these suspects are going to go out and do this again," he said, adding that Tequila KC is a private club that means having a membership or being the guest of a member was required for entry.

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first published:October 07, 2019, 07:22 IST