News18 Evening Digest: Trump Says Will Move SC to Dispute Election Count, Biden Camp 'Ready to Deploy' Legal Teams and Other Top Stories

Campaign signs for US President Donald Trump and presidential nominee Joe Biden on Election Day in Cherryville, Pennsylvania. (Reuters)

Campaign signs for US President Donald Trump and presidential nominee Joe Biden on Election Day in Cherryville, Pennsylvania. (Reuters)

These are the top stories we are covering this evening: Trump says will move SC to dispute election count; Biden camp 'ready to deploy' legal teams; Delhi Airport receives threat calls against 2 London-bound Air India flights; Oil prices rise nearly 3% after Trump falsely claims victory

Donald Trump Says Will Move Supreme Court to Dispute Election Count, Declares Victory Despite Pending Results in Swing States

US President Donald Trump said he will go to the Supreme Court to dispute the election count and proclaimed victory over Democratic challenger Joe Biden despite incomplete results from several battleground states that could determine the outcome of the White House race. "Frankly, we did win," Trump told supporters at the White House. But election results from some battleground states were still not clear and projections from major networks showed Trump is still short of the 270 electoral votes need to win re-election. Read More

Biden Camp 'Ready to Deploy' Legal Teams as Trump Threatens to Move SC

Democrat Joe Biden's campaign has said it will fight any efforts by President Donald Trump's campaign to go to the US Supreme Court to prevent ballots from being tabulated. In a statement sent before 4 am on Wednesday, Biden campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon called Trump's statement that he will “be going to the US Supreme Court” and that he wants “all voting to stop” “outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect”. Read More

From Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, Why These Decider States Haven’t Been Called for Donald Trump or Joe Biden Yet

The presidential race hasn't been called yet because neither candidate has secured the 270 electoral college votes needed to claim victory. Republican President Donald Trump spoke at the White House early Wednesday and claimed victories in several states that were still too early to call, saying, “Frankly, we did win this election” over Democrat Joe Biden. His assertion of victory does not match the results and information currently available to the AP. Trump said he would take the election to the Supreme Court, but it was unclear on what legal grounds. Read More

Delhi Airport Receives Threat Calls Against 2 London-bound Air India Flights, Security Tightened

Security was tightened at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday after it received threats against two London-bound Air India flights scheduled for tomorrow. According to the police, US-based secessionist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has said that it will not allow these flights to operate. Read More

Arnab Goswami Arrest: BJP Calls Move 'Attack on Press Freedom', Congress Dubs Criticism 'Selective Outrage'

The BJP and the Congress engaged in a verbal duel on Wednesday over Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami's arrest in Mumbai, with the saffron party saying it was an "attack on press freedom" which was reminiscent of the Emergency, and the opposition party slamming the criticism as "selective outrage". Goswami was arrested in Mumbai for allegedly abetting suicide of a 53-year-old interior designer, a Mumbai police official said. Read More

Oil Prices Rise Nearly 3% After Trump Falsely Claims Victory In Tight US Election

Oil prices rose nearly 3% on Wednesday after President Donald Trump falsely claimed victory in a tight US election with millions of votes still to be counted and the final result not yet clear. A victory by Trump is viewed as bullish for oil because of sanctions on Iran and his support for Saudi-led OPEC oil cuts to support prices. A victory by his rival Joe Biden would be seen as bearish because of his green policies and softer stance on Iran. Read More

Internet Imagines Kanye West's Reaction After He Gets 60,000 Votes in US Elections

In a rather disheartening end to a rather irrelevant endeavour, American rapper Kanye West ended his bid for US Presidency with a meagre 60,000 votes across 12 states. The rapper, who voted for himself on the November 9 US Presidential elections, managed to get 59,781 as per a count by Deadline. Since the counting of ballots is still underway in several states, the report predicted 60,000 total votes for the West by the end of counting. Read More

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