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Snippets from UK: Fans Offer Mural Support to Rashford after Racist Attack

Marcus Rashford's Mural (Twitter)

Marcus Rashford's Mural (Twitter)

From Britain refusing to learn after the Dutch unlock disaster to UK travellers facing restrictions from France, a roundup of what's making news today.

Many colours of love: Marcus Rashford more than deserved the outpouring of love and affection around his mural. It covered over and more for the abuse and slander he had received after failing his penalty kick in the European Cup final that Italy won. The mural had been dabbed black, with graffiti painted across. Then it was cleaned up, and a mountain of flowers and greeting cards came up all around. The mural was turned into a picture of the best way of dealing with hatred.

Britain going Dutch: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has apologised for what Britain is setting out to do next week – lifting the lockdown earlier than cautious scientists are advising. The easing of the lockdown three weeks back has sent cases shooting up to record levels. He has now had to reimpose restrictions over bars and nightclubs. This may well turn out to be a forerunner of what England faces from next week. Scotland is still keeping masks compulsory, but not England. As with the Dutch PM, Britain’s PM’s word on this at present may not be his last.

Boris confident but not scientists: Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s confidence in lifting the lockdown from next week arises from what he has called a “severed” connection between cases and hospitalisations. Scientists have said they are not so sure. And now the statistics have begun to speak for themselves, well before the lockdown is due to be lifted from Monday next week. Daily new cases reported Tuesday climbed near 37,000, but hospitalisations rose to 3,334, with 50 deaths. Recently Britain had on one day reported no death at all. After the lifting of the lockdown these numbers are certain to soar to worrying levels. The government hopes the numbers will remain worrying rather than become alarming.

Taking from the poor: The British parliament approved cuts to overseas aid on Tuesday to 0.5 per cent from 0.7 per cent of the national budget. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the cuts were needed to pay for the pandemic. This cut means that a lot of poor people in other countries will have to pay a price towards Britain’s debt. Some of the most vulnerable within Britain too are among them. Cuts have been proposed in due pension rises for the elderly, and the age limit for free medicines is proposed to be raised.


Travel travails: Travel to EU countries is becoming more difficult by the day to figure out. Germany has eased restrictions for travellers from the UK and India. But France has announced tougher restrictions on travellers coming in from the UK. And through all these differences the fact is that travel within the EU is unrestricted following entry. So that as of now anyone from India intending to go to France can go to Germany first and then go across into France. It doesn’t help that the rules keep changing, and this lot may too.

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first published:July 14, 2021, 18:29 IST