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US Election 2020 Highlights: Economy Critical Issue for One-third of Voters, Shows CNN National Exit Poll | November 04, 2020, 03:48 IST
US Presidential Election 2020 Highlights: According to the CNN National Exit Polls, the Economy is the most critical issue in US citizens' vote for the next US President. "About one-third called the economy their most critical issue, while roughly 1 in 5 citing racial inequality and about 1 in 6 named the coronavirus pandemic as most important to their vote. Roughly 1 in 10 each cited health care policy and crime and violence as their top issue," CNN reports.

Meanwhile, More than 100 million Americans cast their ballots in advance of Tuesday's Election Day, according to the US Elections Project watchdog, a record figure largely attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic. The ballots, which were mailed in, deposited in drop boxes or cast at polling stations ahead of Tuesday, represent more than 72% of the total number of ballots cast in the 2016 election, according to the tally by the watchdog based at the University of Florida. As the elections opened on Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he felt good about his chances for victory, predicting he would register big victories in key states such as Florida and Arizona. "We feel very good," a hoarse-voiced Trump told Fox News in a phone interview. "I think we'll have victory." Trump said he expected victory in all the key states that will decide the election.
Nov 04, 2020 03:48 (IST)

CNN Exit Polls Determine What Issues are Important to Voters | The CNN exit polls show that voters are divided over the top issues. "About one-third called the economy their most critical issue, while roughly 1 in 5 citing racial inequality and about 1 in 6 named the coronavirus pandemic as most important to their vote. Roughly 1 in 10 each cited health care policy and crime and violence as their top issue," it reports.

Nov 04, 2020 03:45 (IST)

Kamala Harris, Joe Biden Urge Citizens to Come Out and Vote:

Nov 04, 2020 03:43 (IST)

'Tu Voto Cuenta': In Battleground Arizona, Latino Effort to Mobilize Voters Could Help Joe Biden | When a brass band, mariachi musicians and a folk dancer wearing a dress embroidered TU VOTO CUENTA -- "your vote counts" -- paraded through her West Phoenix neighborhood, Marizol Moreno, who had never before voted in a presidential election, came outside in her pajamas to watch. Moreno, who was born in California, had never been interested in politics. But after her husband, father and several family members got coronavirus, and enthused by the parade, she decided to go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Read more

Nov 04, 2020 03:29 (IST)

US Votes in a Pandemic | People march to poll sites to encourage voters on Election Day, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. (REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs)

Nov 04, 2020 03:21 (IST)

Markets Nod At Biden Win As Stocks Gain, Dollar Slips | The dollar slid and global equity markets rose on Tuesday on bets of increased stimulus if Joe Biden wins the U.S. presidential election against President Donald Trump, but gold prices edged higher on the potential for contested voting results. The former Democratic vice president is expected to boost stimulus spending and be less-combative on trade, which would lift other currencies at the dollar’s expense. Read more

Nov 04, 2020 03:19 (IST)

Some Pennsylvania Voters Waiting in Line for Hours: Reports | CNN reports that due to heavy turnout in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, people have to wait in line for hours to vote.

Nov 04, 2020 03:17 (IST)

READ | WWI Memorial that Doubles as Polling Site Vandalized with 'Voter Intimidation' Messages

The vandalism at the memorial happened overnight, the museum said, and workers were seen covering it up with blue tarp Tuesday morning.

Nov 04, 2020 03:09 (IST)

Election Day Unfolds Smoothly, So Far Defying Fears Of Disruption | Americans by the millions waited patiently to cast ballots at libraries, schools and arenas across the country on Tuesday, in an orderly show of civic duty that belied the deep tensions of one of the most polarizing presidential campaigns in U.S. history. The face masks worn by many voters and the sight of boarded-up stores in some city centers were reminders of two big issues shaping the 2020 election, with COVID-19 still ravaging parts of the country after a summer of sometimes violence-marred protests against police brutality and racism. While civic rights groups said they were monitoring for any signs of voter interference and law enforcement agencies were on high alert for disruption at the polls, their worst fears had not materialized by early afternoon.

Nov 04, 2020 03:04 (IST)

READ | US Elections 2020: Almost Half of Early Voters Were in Battleground States. Here's What We Know About Them

Here is what we know about who has already voted in the key states that could decide who will become the next president.

Nov 04, 2020 02:55 (IST)

READ | US Election 2020: Kamala Harris as President Would Be 'Terrible Thing' for US and Women, Says Trump

The Republican leader said that the US would never remain the same if Biden-Harris ticket are the winner. "Our country could never be the same country if they win, because they are radicalised left,"…

Nov 04, 2020 02:54 (IST)

Joe Biden Speaks in Wilmington, Delaware | Democratic candidate Joe Biden is currently speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden says his goodluck charm is always returning to his roots, and that he does not want to predict the election results as he is 'superstitious'.

Nov 04, 2020 02:49 (IST)

Dow Ends Up 2.1% to Conclude Strong Election Day Session | Wall Street stocks enjoyed a buoyant election day session Tuesday, finishing solidly higher amid hopes of a straightforward outcome to a contentious presidential campaign. At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 2.1 pecent, or about 550 points, at 27,477.40, adding to the gains from a positive session Monday that won back a fraction of last week's losses.

Nov 04, 2020 02:42 (IST)

READ | A Pandemic Quandary: Both Sides Prepared With Lawyers as Poll Day Shadowed by Threats of Legal Battles

The candidates and parties have enlisted prominent lawyers with ties to Democratic and Republican administrations should that litigation take on a new urgency if a narrow margin in a battleground…

Nov 04, 2020 02:37 (IST)

WWI Memorial that Doubles as Polling Site Vandalized With 'Voter Intimidation' Messages | A World War I museum that's doubling as a polling location fired back at overnight vandals who allegedly left a vague message discouraging voting. The WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, announced Tuesday morning that someone had spray-painted the messages "Don't vote" and "Fight for revolution" in red on its stonework. The message, which was similar to other acts of vandalism in Texas and Pennsylvania, also featured a communist symbol. "Our democracy is something that generations of veterans, including those in WWI, have fought to defend," the memorial said in a statement that was released on social media, and also shared with CNN. "Today we'll clean this up and we hope that you'll all do your part to vote and make your voices heard."

Nov 04, 2020 02:33 (IST)

Donald Trump Touts Economic Success as Voting Continues in Record Numbers | US President Donald Trump said in a tweet today - "Under my Administration, our ECONOMY is growing at the fastest rate EVER at 33.1%. Next year will be the GREATEST ECONOMIC YEAR in American History!"

Nov 04, 2020 02:29 (IST)

Michigan Official Tells CNN State's Vote Will be Counted Sooner than Expected | CNN reports that according to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson the state’s vote will be counted sooner than previously expected. Both day-of and absentee ballot counts are expected to be reported soon after polls close, it says.  At 10 pm ET, which will be 8:30 am here, results could start coming in from Texas, Michigan, Arizona, and other swing states.

Nov 04, 2020 02:17 (IST)

Georgia Officials Expect State-wide Reporting by 7pm Despite 2 Polling Stations Extending Hours: Reports | CNN reports that state-wide reporting may still take place by 7 pm EST in Georgia (that's 5.30 am IST for us) despite two polling locations extending hours. 

Nov 04, 2020 02:08 (IST)

READ | 'She is the Most Suitable Candidate': Kamala Harris's Uncle in India is Certain About Her Victory

Professor Gopalan Balachandran, Harris’s maternal uncle terms the US presidential elections as 'very unusual' and is certain that his niece will become the first woman Vice President of the United…

Nov 04, 2020 02:01 (IST)

Ayatollah Khamenei Maintains Iran's Stand on US amid Presidential Polls | Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday the U.S. presidential election's result will not impact Tehran's policy towards Washington. "Our policy towards the United States is clearly set and does not change with the movement of individuals. It does not matter to us who comes and goes," Khamenei said in a speech carried live on state TV. Khamenei was speaking on the anniversary of the 1979 seizure of the US embassy in Tehran, which coincided with the birthday of Islam's Prophet Mohammad. Read more

Nov 04, 2020 02:00 (IST)

READ | 'From Here to White House, With the Grace of God:' Biden Signs Childhood Home Wall on Election Day

The intimate moment in the house was actually a repeat of a time on the campaign trail in 2008 when he signed a bedroom wall here during his second presidential bid, one that ended early but led to…

Nov 04, 2020 01:53 (IST)

Joe Biden Seeks to 'Make History': 

Nov 04, 2020 01:49 (IST)

US Voting Amid a Pandemic | Andrew and Nancy Freno emerge from a polling place after casting their votes on Election Day, in Gypsy, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. (REUTERS/Alan Freed)

Nov 04, 2020 01:44 (IST)

Dollar Slides, Stocks Rise as Markets Lean Toward Biden | The dollar slid and global equity markets rose Tuesday on bets of increased stimulus if Joe Biden wins the U.S. presidential election against President Donald Trump, but gold prices gained on the prospect of contested voting results. Stocks climbed in Asia after the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates to near zero and boosted its bond-buying program, a precursor to expectations the Bank of England on Thursday will also ramp up its bond purchases. The dollar slid on the notion a Biden victory would weaken the greenback. The former Democratic vice president is expected to boost stimulus spending and be less combative on trade, which would lift other currencies at the dollar's expense, Reuters reports.

Nov 04, 2020 01:39 (IST)

If You Want to Follow the US Elections from India, Here's Our Guide | It's finally here, the big day we have been waiting for. The United States presidential election has 'begun', marking the beginning of a change which could determine a leading world nation's policies amid uncertain times - from pandemic response, climate change policies, to immigration. So if you're sitting at home, and want to keenly follow the US election updates minute by minute, despite the time difference, here's what you can do: Read more here

Nov 04, 2020 01:38 (IST)

Crowds Seen Cheering for Joe Biden in Philadelphia:

Nov 04, 2020 01:36 (IST)

READ | US Election Day Gets Off to an Orderly Start With Short Lines And Face Masks amid Covid-19 Scare

Americans by the millions waited patiently to cast their ballots at libraries, schools and arenas across the United States on Tuesday, in an orderly show of civic duty that belied the deep tensions of…

Nov 04, 2020 01:33 (IST)

Kamala Harris: 'Go Vote' | Asking citizens to go and vote, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris says on Twitter - "One day, our children and grandchildren are going to look us in the eye and ask what we did in this moment. And I want to be able to say, we did everything we could to fight for our country and their future. Go vote."

Nov 04, 2020 01:25 (IST)

If You Elect Me, There Will be No Red States or Blue States, Just the United States: Joe Biden | Democratic candidate Joe Biden addresses voters in Philadelphia - "You've been great to me this whole year. The turnout has been incredible, I am thankful. The country is ready. We're gonna have more people vote this year than any other time in American history. People between the age of 18 and 30 are turning up. The President's (Donald Trump) got a lot of things backwards. But the people are going to going to decide who gets to be President. We have an enormous opportunity, we will be overcome the virus, rebuild the middle class. Middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. If you elect me, there will be no red states or blue states, just the United States. We choose hope over fear, truth over lies, science over fiction. I promise you, I will never break my word to you."

Nov 04, 2020 01:13 (IST)

North Carolina to Keep 4 Sites Open Longer, Delaying Results | The North Carolina State Board of Elections voted Tuesday to keep four polling places open longer because they opened late, which is expected to delay statewide reporting of results. The longest extension was 45 minutes for a site in Sampson County. That means the state can’t publicly report any statewide results until 8:15 p.m EST. The state’s more than 2,600 polling places are otherwise scheduled to close at 7:30 p.m. But state elections officials said in a news release last week that if hours are extended at any polls, they wouldn’t publicly post any results until all polls are closed. Board Chair Damon Circosta confirmed at the meeting Tuesday that the extended hours would delay public release of results.

Nov 04, 2020 01:08 (IST)

Fearful of Covid and the Possibility of Civil Unrest, Americans Plan 'Polling Trips' | She carefully planned a five-hour drive to the polling place in her Tennessee hometown to vote on Election Day. She considered the traffic, the weather, the surging coronavirus pandemic and something she never imagined having to contemplate the possibility of civil unrest in the aftermath of an American election. The last four years have delivered so many shocks that anything seemed possible to Lacey Stannard, the wife of a soldier. She had tried to get an absentee ballot sent to her home on a military base on the other side of the state. But the clerk in her hometown refused. A part of her thought it was crazy to drive 10 hours roundtrip to cast a Democratic vote in deep-red Tennessee, but a larger part thought it was worth it to register her displeasure. Read more

US Election 2020 Highlights: Economy Critical Issue for One-third of Voters, Shows CNN National Exit Poll
03 November, 2020 Poll workers wave flags to bring a voter to their location booth at the Registrar of Voters on the day of the U.S. Presidential election in San Diego, California, U.S., November 3, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Polling stations opened in New York, New Jersey and Virginia early, marking the start of US Election Day as Trump seeks to beat forecasts and defeat challenger Joe Biden. The vote is widely seen as a referendum on Trump and his uniquely brash, bruising presidency that Biden urged Americans to end to restore "our democracy."

Republican incumbent President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Tuesday ended their most divisive and bitter election campaign with fervent appeals on social media to the undecided Americans to vote for them as they pledged to take the country out of the woods. The November 3 presidential election has been billed as one of the most divisive in recent American history. The election is already setting records for turnout, and perhaps no two candidates are more at odds over the future of the country and the direction they want to take it in.

Trump, 74, toured the key voting battlegrounds of Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania on Monday while his 77-year-old rival campaigned in Pennsylvania and Ohio, urging Americans to back them in the race for the White House. "To all of our supporters: thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been there from the beginning, and I will never let you down. Your hopes are my hopes, your dreams are my dreams, and your future is what I am fighting for every single day!" Trump tweeted past mid-night. "A vote for Sleepy Joe Biden is a vote to give control of government over to Globalists, Communists, Socialists, and Wealthy Liberal Hypocrites who want to silence, censor, cancel, and punish you. Get out and VOTE #MAGA tomorrow!," the president wrote in another tweet, attacking Biden.

The Republican Party in a tweet said, Let's Make America Great Again and re-elect our fantastic president! We made history together four years ago, and tomorrow we're going to make history once again, the ruling party said. Biden, the former US vice president, said he was "running as a proud Democrat, but I will govern as an American president." "I will work with Democrats and Republicans, and I'll work as hard for those who don't support me as for those who do.

"Because that's the job of a president," he wrote. He pointed out that under President Trump, over "230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, 30 million people have lost hours, paychecks, or jobs and nearly one in five small businesses have closed." "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" Biden asked the voters.

If elected as president, Bien said he will rebuild the infrastructure, combat climate change and create millions of good-paying and union jobs. "It's time to build back better together," Biden said.

National polls suggest a firm lead for Mr Biden in Tuesday's election. But his lead is narrower in the handful of states that could decide the result.

Nearly 99 million people have already cast their ballots in early voting, putting the country on course for its highest turnout in a century. To be elected president, a candidate must win at least 270 votes in what is called the Electoral College. Each US state gets a certain number of votes partly based on its population and there are a total of 538 up for grabs on Tuesday.

The election comes amid the raging coronavirus pandemic. The US has recorded more cases and more deaths than any other country worldwide, reporting more than 81,000 new infections on Sunday alone. The US has reported over 231,500 deaths and more than 9,292,000 confirmed cases, according to Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker, making the country the worst-hit nation from the deadly virus.

The US economy saw record-breaking 33 per cent growth in the third financial quarter of this year, following a record 31 per cent contraction in the second quarter due to the huge damage inflicted by the pandemic.