WWE Backlash: Expect ‘Really Really Really’ Strong Style When the Gloves Come off Against Drew McIntyre: Bobby Lashley

bobby lashley drew mcintyre

bobby lashley drew mcintyre

There might not be much in terms of building up the storyline for the main event at Backlash, but Lashley feels it is quite an important spot for him, having had to wait for this opportunity for 13 years.

Vineet Ramakrishnan
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  • Last Updated: June 4, 2020, 5:18 PM IST
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When Bobby Lashley made his return to WWE back in 2018, it did not take much time for him to be in the title picture. He even got a win over Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, putting him in line for a title shot at the Universal Championship.

However, the ‘Almighty One’ soon fell out of the main event spot, but managed to win the Intercontinental Championship twice and was involved in one of the best storylines of 2019 with Lana and Rusev. But, he was again left in the lurch with a not so coherent end to the feud, partly with Rusev being released recently.

But the former United States Champion has been put in the main event once again, this time against Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship with the duo set to headline WWE PPV Backlash set for June 15,2020 (4:30 AM IST)

Since his win over Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36, McIntyre has been billed as an untouchable beast and with the Coronavirus pandemic more or less changing the landscape of WWE storytelling, Lashley finds himself in prime spot against a worker he has had some solid matches outside of the company and he is leaving no stones unturned leading up to the title match.

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“I am super excited to be in title picture, it is something that I enjoy,” Lashley told News18 Sports during a conference call ahead of the Backlash PPV.

“I love to train and fight and I have been in a 2-diet training program for the last week, so I am getting in the greatest shape of my life. I don’t care if we do this fight in a cage, outside on the street, in the ring, it doesn’t matter; one thing I know now for sure is am going to be ready of this damn day,” assert Lashley.

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The fact that Both Lashley and McIntyre are very similar in their in-ring styles and are probably the two you can go toe-to-toe in terms of strength and even agility, makes this a solid match-up from a wrestling point of view.

These two behemoths are capable of going all guns blazing with high impact spots or can work a slow burner, but Lashley feels, with McIntyre, it might as well be ‘really really really’ strong style.

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“You know what, styles makes match-ups, and we have all kind of different styles that WWE offers its fans,” said Lashley, adding, “And the style me and Drew have, is a mixture of almost everything.  It could be that really really really strong style, because ultimately that is what's going to happen when you get us in there.”

There might not be much in terms of building up the storyline for the main event at Backlash, but Lashley feels it is quite an important spot for him, having had to wait for this opportunity for 13 years.

“I have not had the opportunity at the title for 13 years. If somebody deserves it, I am going to throw my hat in there and say, I have been there and done that, I deserve a chance. At the end of the day, we take off those gloves and start swinging and at Backlash that is what Drew will be about and that is what I am about, we start doing that and big things are going to happen. I think I should be able to come up victorious,” said Lashley in response to one of the questions on McIntyre during the conference call.






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