Every Dot tells you a Story

1 in 5 girls in India drops out of school as soon as they get their periods. Why is this happening? Only because they have no knowledge about what periods are or how to manage it when they get their first period. Over 20 million girls drop out of school annually because of this.

This interactive map will take you on a journey across India and will help you discover stories shared by teachers, parents, siblings & families of young girls about their dreams and aspirations. How all of them have a potential to achieve greatness in their lives, but something as natural as periods ends up limiting that potential. This stigma around periods can easily change through education, it can easily uplift these young women and help them realise their potential.

Period of Pride is a joint initiative by Network18 and Whisper to raise awareness about the need for the inclusion of Menstrual Health and Hygiene Education in the School Curriculum. As a part of this initiative, we also bring together people from different walks of life, be it educators or students who feel the necessity of getting period education included in the school curriculum. .

To support the cause and sign the petition,
please visit www.periodofpride.com
or give us a missed call on 99996 71283.