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News18 Daybreak | America Becoming a 'Failed State', Nitish Kumar's Last Election and Other Stories You Need to Watch Out For

Nov 06, 2020 09:49 AM IST Daybreak

President Donald Trump claimed without evidence that Democrats were trying to "steal" the US election with illegal votes, saying he would "easily win" the race against Joe Biden without the alleged interference.

Ending his conspicuous silence, Trump's running mate and vice-president Mike Pence said he backed Trump on counting "every legal vote".

Moments before Trump’s statement, Biden tweeted his previous appeal to count every last vote.

“The people will not be silenced, be bullied, or surrender. Every vote must be counted,” the former vice president tweeted.

The presidential race has not yet been called because neither Trump nor Biden has yet collected the requisite 270 Electoral College votes.

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