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News18 Daybreak | Japan Finds New Covid-19 Strain; Bird Flu Scare Reaches Maharashtra; Kamala Harris' 'Light Skin' Kicks Up Row

Jan 11, 2021 10:12 AM IST Daybreak

Japan Finds New Covid-19 Strain in Those Arriving from Brazil; Global Death Toll at 1.9 Million

The Japanese Health Ministry has found a coronavirus variant in people arriving from Brazil that's different from the ones in Britain and South Africa. The variant was found in airport tests on a man in his 40s, a woman in her 30s and two teens, the ministry said Sunday. Japan was working with other nations, the WHO and other medical experts to analyze the new version of the virus, and it was still unclear whether available vaccines would work.

Bird Flu in Maharashtra: 9,000 Birds to be Culled in Parbhani; Dead Crows in Mumbai Spark Fears

The bird flu outbreak, that is being reported across several states, has also been confirmed in Maharashtra. While dead crows sparked fears in Mumbai, bird flu was confirmed in Parbhani, where authorities will cull around 9,000 birds.

Supreme Court to Hear Pleas on Farmers Laws, Agitation Today: Key Points to Watch Out For

After multiple rounds of negotiation between the Centre and the agitating farmers bore no results, a Supreme Court bench, led by Chief Justice of India SA Bobde, will hear key petitions around the farmers' agitation today. Petitions have been filed by DMK MP Tiruchi Siva and other opposition leaders challenging the constitutionality of these laws. There are other PILs that seek removal of protesting farmers citing law and order situation and inconvenience to people living in Delhi-NCR region.

Impeachment Proceedings Against Donald Trump: What You Need to Know

In the aftermath of Donald Trump supporters storming the US Capitol, Democrats in the US House of Representatives want Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove the outgoing president from office. Reports say that speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will introduce a resolution asking Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Signal, You Really Need To Calm Down: Facebook IS NOT Trying To Manipulate Apple App Store Search

In a tweet, @signal app says, “Facebook is probably more comfortable selling ads than buying them, but they'll do what they have to do in order to be the top result when some people search for 'Signal' in the App Store.” Signal didn’t bother talking about the minor details in their latest tweet.

Vogue Cover of Kamala Harris Was Meant to Break Stereotypes. It Made Her Skin 'Lighter'

Kamala Harris’ Vogue cover was supposed to be a landmark moment: It was supposed to be a visual representation for all young women looking up at traditionally male-dominated positions and seeing a woman, especially a woman of colour, break the glass ceiling. Instead, the cover has become the center of controversy for allegedly 'lightning' Harris' skin colour.

'World Should Know the True Nationalist He Was': Hindu Mahasabha Opens Library on Nathuram Godse in MP

Hindu Mahasabha national vice president Jaiveer Bhardwaj said on the occasion that the 'gyanshala' was opened to "put before the world the true nationalist that Godse was". Bhardwaj said Godse stood and died for an undivided India. "The purpose of the library is to instil true nationalism which Godse stood for in today’s ignorant youth," he added.