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News18 Daybreak | Pakistan's U-turn on India Imports, PM Modi Offers Prayers at Madurai's Meenakshi Amman Temple, Two Held at Jhansi Railway Station Days After Nuns Were Heckled

Apr 02, 2021 10:24 AM IST Daybreak

ICMR Says Two Positive Covid Tests Required at Interval of 102 Day as Re-Infection Criteria

An ICMR study has now said that for it to be called reinfection, a person with Covid-19 must have two positive tests at an interval of at least 102 days with one interim negative test. But a confirmation of the re-infection will require a whole-genome sequencing, it stated.

In ‘Veshti’ and ‘Angavastram’, PM Modi Offers Prayers at Madurai’s Meenakshi Amman Temple

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday visited the famous Meenakshi Amman temple in this city and offered prayers. Modi was clad in the traditional ‘veshti’ (dhoti), shirt and ‘angavastram’ during his visit, the Tamil Nadu BJP said on its official Twitter handle.

Sad That Congress is Missing in Election Campaign: ISF’s Abbas Siddiqui on Bengal Ally

Exposing cracks within the Samjukta Morcha of the Left, Congress and the Indian Secular Front (ISF) in West Bengal, ISF chief Abbas Siddiqui has told News18 that it is “sad and unfortunate” that the Congress has been missing in the election campaign so far.

Amid ‘Insider-Outsider’ Politics in Bengal, Parties Don’t Want To Miss Out on ‘Crucial’ Migrant Votes

As the West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021 enters the third phase, the ‘insider-outsider’ (Bengali and Non-Bengali) politics is subtly being played by both the political camps in the state. While the BJP and the TMC is engrossed in attacking each other using Bengali lingos — from TMC’s ‘Khela Hobe’ to BJP’s ‘Ashol Poriborton’ and ‘Sonar Bangla’ — both the camps are making it a point to not hurt the Hindi-speaking vote bank in the state.

Pakistan’s U-turn on India Imports: Bilateral Ties Hit as Imran Khan Cabinet Raises Kashmir Issue

By linking the restoration of the trade ties with Article 370, Pakistan has once again brought the relations between India and Pakistan, which seemed to be on the path of becoming better, back to square one. The Imran Khan-led government of Pakistan has rejected the proposal of its own governing body of resuming the import of sugar and cotton from India, on the condition of India reconsidering its decision of the abrogation of Article 370.

Coronavirus News Live Updates: India Sees Yet Another Record High of 81,466 Covid Cases in Last 24 Hours

India on recorded 81,466 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, the health ministry said in its bulletin on Friday, yet another record high this year. A total of 469 people died of Covid-19. The total number of cases in India stands at 1,23,03,131, while active cases are at 6,14,696. The total death toll from Covid-19 stood at 1,63,396, while 6,87,89,138 people have been vaccinated.

Two Held at Jhansi Railway Station Days After Nuns Were Heckled, Forcibly Deboarded from Train

Two persons were arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi district late on Thursday evening, weeks after two nuns from Kerala were harassed and deboarded from a running train. The accused, identified as Anchal Arjaria and Purgesh Amaria, were arrested at around 10 pm while the railway police was patrolling at the Jhansi railway station, said an official.