Corona Knowledge Podcast: Is India in the Third Stage of the Pandemic?

Jun 08, 2020 09:44 PM IST

In what can be a crucial aid to strategy making for easing the lockdown curbs across the country, the results of the serological survey conducted by the country's apex health research body is still awaited.

Sero-survey means test of blood serum from a group of individuals to test sero-prevalence of something (antibodies for the novel coronavirus in this case).

The household-level cross-sectional survey will cover 69 districts in 21 states. Sero-surveys help to understand the proportion of the population exposed to SARS-CoV-2 infection including asymptomatic individuals and depending on the level of sero-prevalence of infection, appropriate public health interventions can be planned and implemented for prevention and control of the disease. The Indian Council of Medical Research had initiated the survey in May.

The Delhi government has dropped hints of community transmission. How will this change India’s strategy if at all it is established that we are indeed in the 3rd stage of the pandemic?