Race to the White House: Can Biden-Harris Do What Hillary Couldn't?

Oct 28, 2020 12:10 PM IST

Senator Kamala Harris made history the day she was accepted to be the running mate of Joe Biden.

The selection was a careful one – Harris is a highly accomplished woman of colour.  Her biracial roots especially in the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement is itself a statement.

Kamala Harris carries her ethnic identity on her sleeve – appearing on a show with Mindy Kaling earlier on she spoke about her South Indian roots and love for dosa. This video instantly became a hit and is viral with her ongoing campaign.

But the question is can she change the outcome on the ground for the Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden?

Carnegie’s Indian American attitudes survey suggests that 72% Indian Americans vote Democrats and only 22% vote Republicans. But some say the problem is that many do not show up for voting

Here’s where Harris is believed to be useful – analysts believe she will get more Indian Americans out to the polling booths.

The Carnegie survey further suggests that 45% more are likely to vote with Harris running for VP

Indian Americans make up 1.4 million voters but their real strength has always been fundraising. This makes them an influential lot. A trailblazer, especially for a woman of colour, Harris’ nomination is likely to inspire many more South Asians in American politics.

In Other News

At the India-US 2+2 dialogue on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “This morning, we visited the National War Memorial to honor the brave men and women of the Indian Armed Forces who have sacrificed for the world’s largest democracy, including 20 that were killed by the PLA forces in the Galwan Valley in June.  The United States will stand with the people of India as they confront threats to their sovereignty and to their liberty.”

US Secretary of Defence called for institutionalizing the Quad. He said, “Our focus now must be on institutionalizing and regularizing our cooperation to meet the challenges of the day and uphold the principles of a free and open Indo-Pacific well into the future.”

China responded sharply to the developments accusing the US of fomenting trouble. The statement read, “The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and other senior official repeated old lies, attacked and made allegations against China, violated the norms of international relations and basic principles of diplomacy, instigated China’s relations with other countries in the region, which once again exposed their Cold War mentality and ideological bias. The Chinese side expresses its firm opposition to it.”

As for the Indo-Pacific and coming together of the Quad, the statement said that “The “Indo-Pacific strategy” proposed by the US is to stir up a confrontation among different groups and blocs and to stoke geopolitical competition, in a bid to maintain the dominance of the US, organize closed and exclusive ideological cliques.”

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