Race to the White House: What are The Biggest Issues in US Election 2020?

Oct 30, 2020 12:41 PM IST

The COVID-19 pandemic management has become the main issue this election even if President Donald Trump continues to play it down. He insists the US is rounding the turn on coronavirus but numbers are going up – close to 90 lakh cases and over 2,28,000 deaths have taken place in America.

In the backdrop of wildfires in California, unusually high temperatures and frequent storms, climate change is another major issue. A Pew Research Centre survey suggests for 42% of Americans, this is a big issue. Trump is seen as a climate change denier. He recently said, “science doesn’t know” on a question related to global warming and climate change.

India American author Suketu Mehta said that the fate of the entire planet depends on whether or not Trump comes back to power. He said, “We have ten years to save the planet and the United States was the only country that walked out of the Paris Accord, so the fate of the planet depends on whether Trump gets re-elected.”

For people of colour the issue surrounding immigrants is huge. Controversial policies of the Trump administration including separation of families, banning travel of Muslims from some Islamic countries and rescinding the H4 EAD visa have created a sense of discomfort for immigrants.

In Other News

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla is in France. He condemned the heinous terror attack and also the message that India stands with France in the fight against terrorism.

In remarks delivered at IFRI in Paris, talking about the situation at the LAC, he said, despite the pandemic, we have dealt with the worst crisis in decades on our border with China and we have done so with firmness and maturity. At the same time, we have continued to ward off terrorism from across our western border.

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