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The World Outside: Riots in US Capitol; Donald Trump's Impeachment

Jan 12, 2021 10:51 PM IST The World Outside

In this week's news from the world outside, Donald Trump's rioted their way inside the building by use of force and violence, smashing the windows and clashing with the police. Meanwhile, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that an impeachment motion against Trump will be taken up mid this week itself.

Riots in the US Capitol

-          As the process of certification of the 46th US President was underway in the US Congress on the 6th of January, thousands of Trump supporters gathered at Capitol Hill.

-          Some rioted their way inside the building by use of force and violence, smashing the windows and clashing with the police.

-          The Capitol went into a lockdown, lawmakers were asked to shelter in place and the proceeding of the joint session of Congress were suspended for sometime

-          President Donald Trump asked his supporters to “go back home” while continuing to allege electoral fraud. This, after a couple of hours of rampage and with several calls made to him including by President-elect Joe Biden ask the protestors to stop.

-          President Trump was accused of inciting the violence in which five people including a police officer lost their lives.

-          Since then his Facebook, Instagram suspended his accounts indefinitely or at least for the next two weeks till the inauguration of the new President. Twitter has permanently suspended his account.

Congress certifies Joe Biden as the 46th President of the USA

-          The Congress was clear that they would complete the task they set out to do so lawmakers sat till 3:40AM and finally certified Joe Biden as the next President.

-          Biden will take the oath of office on the 20th of January.

-          President Trump has said he will not attend Biden’s inauguration.

-          This will be the first time in about a 150 years in the US that an incumbent will not attend the inauguration of his successor.

-          Andrew Johnson was the last President to not attend his successor's inauguration. He too was impeached and lost after his first term in office.

India-France annual strategic dialogue

-          India and France held their annual Strategic Dialogue on 7 January

-          Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor led the Indian delegation while the French delegation was led by Mr. Emmanuel Bonne, Diplomatic Advisor to the French President

-          The two sides held discussions on a variety of issues including counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, defence cooperation, maritime security, regional and global issues and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

-          In an event by the Vivekanand International Foundation, Emmanuel Bonne said that they were working on a Europe Indo-Pacific Strategy, which should be complimentary with the Quad. He said this would be aimed to send a message to China to be less aggressive. They should know “we are in the field willing to defend our interests.”

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

-          The 16th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was organized virtually on the 9th of January

-          In view of the COVID 19 pandemic, during the inaugural address, the PM said that India acted as a pharmacy of the world and the entire world is looking at India as the country prepares to embark upon the largest vaccination programme in the world with two indigenously developed vaccines.

-          The Prime Minister assured the diaspora of all the support from their motherland - India. He mentioned the Vande Bharat Mission where more than 45 lakh Indians have been brought back to the country in times of the COVID 19 pandemic. He also spoke about the diplomatic efforts to protect employment of the overseas Indians.

-          Indian-origin Chandrikapersad Santokhi, President of the Republic of Suriname delivered the keynote address.

Look ahead

Impeachment or removal of President Trump

-          US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that an impeachment motion will be taken up mid this week itself.

-          Lawmakers have indicated that the matter will be wrapped up by the House speedily though might only be taken up by the Senate only on the 19th when it meets – which means it could overshadow the first few days of Biden Presidency.

-          Pelosi said that the impeachment will be proceeded with unless Vice President Mike Pence can invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump from office.

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