News18 Reel Movie Awards 2019
Reel Movie Awards 2019 Reel Movie Awards 2019
RajKummar Rao Reel Movie Awards 2019
Pankaj Tripathi Reel Movie Awards 2019
Reel Movie Awards 2019
On-Screen Awards
Best Film Best Actor Best Actress Best Director Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Behind the scene awards
Best Cinema Tography Best Sound Best Screenplay Best Dialogue Best Song Best Lyrics Best Playback Singer Male Best Playback Singer Female Best Score Best Editing Best Production Design Best Costume
about the reel movie awards

Cinema is evolving. From dishing out larger than life commercial 'masala' entertainers, we are moving towards real life 'content' driven movies that are appreciated by the audiences and critics. Bollywood is witnessing an amazing inflow of content since the last few years. These small budget productions with unique storytelling formats are standing tall in front of star-heavy 'formula' films..

One can confidently claim that this trend is here to stay and we, at, are here to applaud the brave new-age filmmakers with innovative concepts and stylish storytelling techniques. We started the REEL Movie Awards for supporting the courageous voices from the Hindi film industry in 2018 and received an overwhelming appreciation from the film fraternity.

Our honest efforts reflected in our winners who were determined to not lose their sheen despite adverse conditions. They turned out to be different, formidable and unstoppable.

With this year’s edition, we are taking our commitment to the next level. It’s high time we give a shout out to the forces that deserve a pat on the back for taking cinema out of the clutches of clichéd market rules.

Come join us in applauding them.