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Election Epicentre: SC's Mandir Mediation Order

IndiaMarch 8, 2019, 8:08 pm

The 70-year-old Ram Mandir dispute is still far away from a resolution - attempting another out of court settlement...remember 9 attempts to bring the three parties to a solution have failed...the Supreme Court has formed a 3 member mediation panel hoping for a solution. The judges have ruled that the case is not about a piece of land...but its about minds, hearts and healing - with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Senior Advocate Sriram Panchu and former Supreme Court judge Kalifulla have been charged with ending the dispute that has shaped the political landscape over decades. ayodhya mediation highlighting many previous failed attempts - calling for a once and for all ruling on the land dispute. With just weeks to go for the polls - the Mandir dispute has returned to centrestage - with further delay testing the patience of the faithfuls - has the apex added more fuel to the political fire.

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