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Viewpoint: Fresh Twist in Rafale & India's #MeToo Tsunami

IndiaOctober 13, 2018, 10:13 am

First, ‘clown prince’ jibe and now ‘liar’ charge. Rafale becomes the ultimate name-calling battle. In the latest #RafalePolitics, bjp goes all out to call out Cong’s ‘lies’. BJP says Congress concocting fake stories and twisting French media report. BJP also rakes up Vadra-Bhandari link again. Has BJP demolished Rahul’s Rafale ‘scandal’ stunt? More sexual predators outed in #MeTooIndia tsunami. Courageous victims share their ordeal on Viewpoint. Actress Simran Suri accuses Sajid Khan of sexual harassment, says Bollywood must ban him. Alok Nath’s co-star Himani Shivpuri names & shames him, says women scared to speak out. Will those exposed via #MeToo campaign be criminally prosecuted?

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