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» Budget 2018 Cheaper And Costlier Items
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Union Budget 2018-19: Full List of Cheaper and Costlier Items

What is cheaper and what will become more expensive? This is one of the most important queries on the common man's mind during any Union Budget. In this GST era, the impact of the Union Budget 2018 on the prices of everyday items might not be as much as in the past but the following items are likely to see an upward or downward movement in what you would need to pay for them following Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tabling the Finance Bill 2018 in the Parliament.

This live updating table lists all the items that are likely to get a price change after the Budget. This is an interactive table which you can sort by clicking on the column headers. You can also search for any of the items listed using the search field below.

Product Name Cheaper/Costlier Industry
Sports Equipment Dearer Sports
Furniture Dearer Household
Truck, Bus radial tyres Dearer Auto
Dental hygiene products Dearer Household
Manicure, pedicure preparations Dearer Cosmetic
Sunscreen, Suntan Dearer Cosmetic
Toilet waters Dearer Cosmetic
Gold Dearer Jewellery
Silver Dearer Jewellery
Motorcycles Dearer Auto
Cars Dearer Auto
Bricks, tiles Cheaper Construction
bidi Dearer Tobacco
Diesel Cheaper Petroleum
Petrol Cheaper Petroleum
Chromite Cheaper mining industry
CNG machine tools Cheaper Hardware
Solar tempered glass Cheaper Energy
Ball screws Cheaper Hardware
Refined vegetable oil(edible) Dearer Food
Ground nut oil Dearer Food
Olive oil Dearer Food
Coconut oil Dearer Household
Saffola oil Dearer Household
Cigarette lighter Dearer Consumer
Sunglasses Dearer Luxury
Kites Dearer Consumer
Candles Dearer Household
Fishing rods, hooks Dearer Consumer
Video games Dearer Consumer
Toys Dearer Consumer
Alarm clocks Dearer Consumer
Stop watches Dearer Consumer
Pocket watches Dearer Consumer
Wrist watches Dearer Consumer
Lamps, lighting fitting, illuminated signs Dearer Electronic
Mattress, bedding Dearer Household
Cellular phones parts Dearer Technology
Motor vehicles accessories Dearer Auto
Cut, polished coloured gemstones Dearer Gems and Jewellery
Diamonds, other than rough cut stones Dearer Gems and Jewellery
LCD/LED/OLED Dearer Technology
Smart watches/wearable devices Dearer Technology
Imitation jewellery Dearer Jewellery
Footwear Dearer Leather
Silk fabrics Dearer Textile
Toothpaste Dearer Cosmetic
Beauty, Makeup Products Dearer Cosmetic
Vegetable Juices Dearer Food
Cranberry juice Dearer Food
Shaving Products Dearer Cosmetic
Perfume Dearer Cosmetic
Orange Juice Dearer Food
Medical Care Cheaper Healthcare
Pan Masala Dearer Tobacco
Cigarette Dearer Tobacco
TV sets Dearer Entertainment
Cashew Cheaper Food
Mobile Dearer Telecom