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Dealers to disclose mileage of cars from Jan 1

Sep 05, 2008 03:00 PM IST Auto Auto

New Delhi: Walk into a car or two-wheeler showroom from January onwards and you will know whether the vehicle you buy will cost you a fortune in fuel. From next year, manufacturers will have to necessarily display the mileage you should get from your vehicle.

President SIAM, Ravi Kant says, "From January 1, we will start this consumer fuel efficiency certificate to be displayed by the dealers and by April 1, it will be a kind of industry mandate."

A customer, Rahul Kumar adds, "It's good to know that this is happening. Once you get to know the mileage of the car then you can choose which sort of car you will need to purchase depending on your budget."

This is a norm already adopted in the US, Europe and Japan, but the Indian certificate has a drawback, a small rider.

The figure which the dealers get from the showroon is the optimum mileage of the car, which may or may not hold true under daily driving conditions that people face in various cities, towns and highways and what the consumer would really appreciate is certification by a neutral body.

(With inputs from Mike Sangma)