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Gates talks about 'Creative Capitalism' at Davos

Jan 25, 2008 12:53 PM IST Business Business

Davos: Bill Gates has been pleading at the World Economic Forum in Davos for the system that made him so wealthy to re-invent itself and spread its benefits more widely. Charles Hodson talked to Bill Gates about this 'Creative Capitalism'. "If we just have the company that was doing the best in the sector matched by other companies, say all the drug companies were doing as well as GlaxoSmithkline thinking about the needs of the poor, if the banks were thinking micro-financing as well as the best, if the cell phone companies were thinking how the cell phone can even help the poor low cost financial transactions then we could see the condition of the poor improve dramatically,” Gates said. Rockstar Bono and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore also brought climate change back into focus at the World Economic Forum. Bono called on world leaders to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions while Al Gore stressed that technology had developed enough to support energy without requiring oil and that carbon emissions were destroying the basis of civilisation. He also criticised US policy for impeding the roadmap for action at the Bali Climate conference.