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Anna Hazare: a new branding lesson

Aug 25, 2011 08:59 AM IST Business Business

New Delhi: Anna Hazare is an unlikely icon. But the frail 74-year-old in a Gandhi topi has captured India's mindspace, awakening images of integrity and the power of the common man.

Future Brands MD and CEO Santosh Desai said, "Brands have woken up to the fact that consumers are not just consumers but they also have a stake in society and in the politics of the day. They have woken up to the fact that youth is not only pleasure seeking but is also looking for making a difference and trying to bring about a change."

Nearly 80 per cent of the top 10 TV news shows in the first two weeks of August were devoted to Anna's defiance. It's the war cry on social networking sites and twitter - achieving what brands spend millions and a lifetime to attain.

Marketing professor at FMS Harsh Vardhan Verma Said, "The kind of patronist numbers that he has been able to generate going by that he is a successful brand. In terms of willingness to pay price if I look at Anna as a brand I would say that people are going out of way to patronise Anna brand."

Verma's students at Delhi's Faculty of Management Studies are studying Anna and how he turned corruption into a brand.

Political corridors are yet to react but brand Anna has certainly tickled the imagination of brand experts. For marketers Anna Hazare has become a great pull brand and they want to to cash on this new and exciting marketing strategy.