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No 'knee-jerk reaction' against Orient: Taj Hotels

Dec 25, 2007 04:34 PM IST Business Business

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview to Network18 Indian Hotels vice-chairman RK Krishna Kumar said that the partnership with Orient Hotels was initiated after he met its director.

"We are not going to have a knee-jerk reaction like some of the people we know. We are going to take a calculated view as to what is the best interest of our company and the country," Krishna Kumar said.

He further added that the company would wait and watch before deciding on their future course of action.

"What is the genesis of our interaction with Orient Express? The genesis really is our meeting with the founder of the company. The former chairman and the current director of the company who felt that having built this enterprise that a partnership with a company like Taj in India would be beneficial to both the enterprises," he said.

The company acquired a 10 per cent stake in Orient Hotels in September and later on increased it to 11.5 per cent.