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Govt-certified tax preparers clueless about new forms

Jul 27, 2007 12:49 PM IST Business Business

New Delhi: Are you still confused about the tax form? Help may be hard to come by, as Government certified tax preparers find themselves unprepared to handle the new forms.

Puja Gupta is a trained tax preparer, certified under the Government launched tax preparer scheme.

She is supposed to help tax payers fill up their return forms and make sure everything is in order.

But Puja says she is clueless about the new ITR forms, as she has been trained only for the older version of the form.

Puja says, “We don’t know how the new forms are filled. There are several forms that need not be submitted.”

As most of the tax preparers have been trained for last year's form, they are lost on the new ITR3 and ITR4 forms.

And most affected are the taxpayers who are being turned away by the tax preparers in large numbers as they have stopped dealing with the new forms.

The Income Tax department though says that all essential information and updates are available on its website.

Income Tax Commissioner Prashant Ray says, “Now onwards you have to submit your returns at the counter or you can file it electronically, but you cannot file it at the post office.”

The income tax department has also opened extra counters to help people clear their doubts, and also make sure that filing returns is not an extrememly-taxing affair for the tax payer.