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Metallica concert cancelled after fans stampede

Oct 28, 2011 06:29 PM IST Buzz Buzz

New Delhi: The much-awaited Formula One concert by American heavy metal band Metallica had to be cancelled on Friday after a reported ‘gate crash’ by hundreds of fans queuing up at Leisure Valley in Gurgaon since morning. The organisers cited ‘technical difficulties’ as the reason to initially postpone the concert till 4pm on Saturday. But the fans have a different story to tell and as the latest news goes - the concert has been cancelled and the stage is being dismantled. While some said that a few other over-excited fans got agitated when they heard the announcement of the show being postponed and they broke through the barriers and went on a rampage. Some others how ever disagree with this account and they feel that the fans got impatient of waiting outside the venue. They were apparently waiting since afternoon to enter the concert enclosure. Some fans at Gate 2 and 3 reported that the gates were closed at 4:30 – 5 and no one was being allowed to enter after that. A massive group waited in line outside for some development to happen. At 6:00 the announcement was made that the concert had been postponed due to technical problems. Media sources claim that the band was unhappy with the arrangements and the security organised and this lead to the postponing of the show. The disappointed crowd moved to their cars creating a huge traffic jam outside the venue and jamming all roads and over-crowding the metro stations as well. Though some went home with the news that the concert was postponed and their tickets were valid for Saturday’s show– media sources now say that the concert has been cancelled and the stage is being dismantled. Whether the concert is cancelled or postponed – the incident is another black mark on the capital. Angry fans have ranted on Facebook and Twitter about the base incompetency of the capital to host a big concert. While some are still eager to find out if the show will happen tomorrow as scheduled – some are trying to figure out whether their tickets will get refunded or not. Some people were reportedly hurt in the stampede caused by fans jostling and shoving each other to get inside the venue. Some people lost their tickets in the confusion. This comes as major embarrassment for the national capital that in the past has had to cancel several big ticket concerts due to organisational hiccups. More than 600 people aged between 18-25 had by 11 am gathered at the venue, which has the capacity of 25,000. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm. The fans had gathered to see the band's lead guitarist Kirk Hammett (who joined the band in 1983), Robert Trujillo, Hetfield and Lars Ulrich perform. Metallica came to the fore in 1981 and has not lost its shine even after a three-decade long journey. The band is known for albums like 1986 release "Master of Puppets", 1991 album "Metallica", which reportedly sold over 15 million copies in the US and 22 million copies worldwide and their last release "Death Magnetic".