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A Chennai restaurant that claims big

Jun 25, 2006 04:52 PM IST India India

Chennai: South Indian food is something Chennaiites will defend to their death. It is evident from the fact that Chennai is chock-a-block with restaurants.

"We're not obese, and don't eat too much. But we like our rice, and have our paunches!" a customer said.

Not only numbers but size also matters as one of the restaurants claims to be the country's largest vegetarian restaurant.

And what the new restaurant is hoping to cash on is the huge space it's operating on.

"At 33,000 sq ft, this vegetarian restaurant is, I think, India's largest," says Director of ‘Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan’ Swarnalatha Ravi.

But customers could not endorse the claim of the restaurant.

When asked about the opinion of the customers that: "This is India's largest vegetarian restaurant. Do you think it's true? "

One customer says, "Not sure, because I think there are other hotels like Saravana Bhavan".

Another customer wonders, "In India? Who said?!"

The next enquiry fired was about the food and service, and the customers are not seemed to be very pleased.

"It's crowded, so the AC's effect is not there," replied one customer.

"Food is good, but service us really pathetic. Maybe because it's been only a few days, but no second helping, payasam had a fly," said another customer.

When the staff were asked the same question, a waiter shows the kitchen.

"Customer has not seen the kitchen," says the Waiter.

There were utter confusion and noise in the kitchen.

But for a disbelieving, demanding lot, Chennaiites have already started thronging the restaurant, either it's the space factor or just that Chennaiites simply love to eat.