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A special Diwali for a 7/11 vicitm

Oct 18, 2006 09:57 PM IST India India

Mumbai: Padding up for the second innings of his life, Kamlesh Rajdhar is happy that he's able to walk out of Ward number 30 at Sion hospital to embrace life once again. Kamlesh has lost his limbs in the 7/11 blasts.

With the horrors of 7/11 thankfully behind him 19-year-old Kamlesh is overjoyed he's going back home this Diwali, thanks to his doctors and a band of dedicated social workers.

"I'll be meeting my mother and sisters on Diwali, I'm going to tell them ‘Look at me everybody. I'm back’," says Kamlesh Rajbhar

It is this sentiment, a sense of triumph, which is shared even by those who treated him.

"He underwent orthopedic treatment and skin grafting. Then he was fitted with artificial limbs. Today the process of recovery is complete. We're happy he has managed to walk out of this hospital without assistance," said Assistant Dean of Sion Hospital Dr Rakesh Sinha.

Once he's back from his village in Uttar Pradesh, Kamlesh hopes to lend a hand in his Father's business. For now, he's just content with heading back to his home turf.