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Indian community very involved in US poll process

Jan 04, 2008 06:42 PM IST India India

Des Moines (Iowa): The candidates across the board are pitching for the support of Indian-Americans too. CNN-IBN correspondent Aniruddh Bhattachharya spoke to the President of Indo-American Association of Iowa Amar Sinha.

Anirudh Bhattacharyya: Mr Amar Sinha, who were you rooting for and what was the caucus experience like?

Amar Sinha: I'm a Democrat and I was rooting for the Democrats, within the Democrats i was rooting for Hillary Clinton. I have just come back from the West Des Moines precinct and its a sludge out there. I want to say that Barack Obama had a lot of supporters out there, followed by Hillary Clinton, and then John Edwards.

Also there was a lot of involvement of the Indian community which started of in a pretty lukewarm manner I would say, but down the road, up until today, it really gathered a lot of momentum. I did see lots of Indians down there and it was very exciting at the West Des Moines Valley Southwoods.

That is the present situation of the Indian involvement, also a picture of the momentum, which Barack Obama is gathering inside the precinct in Des Moines.