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Civil society roots for Anna Hazare

Apr 06, 2011 09:37 PM IST India India

New Delhi: Anna Hazare's fast-unto-death campaign to end corruption has struck a chord across the nation with support pouring in from all walks of life. Thousands are rallying behind the quiet leader, inspired by his commitment to fight corruption and make the government answerable to the people.

“We want to tell fellow citizens, if not now, when? If not me and you, who? Said Hazare’s supporter.

“The time is now and we have to do it all together and the people shall win,” that’s the mantra political science student Devendra Pai believes in. He's come all the way from Pune to voice his support for the man he believes has inspired thousands across the country to fight corruption.

“This 73-old-year won’t be there 20 years from now. He’s doing it for us, for the youth. So I’m here to support this noble cause,” said Devendra Pai.

Retired Army officer, Col Arjun Bahadur too has borne the cost of flying down from Bangalore. He's willing to sweat it out on the capital's streets if it helps bring about a social and political change.

“Heat and sun is of no meaning. We have to have the strength in mind. Politicans think physically they can put us on this but we have to have the strength of mind and once we have that physcial inconvenience has no meaning at all.

Anna Hazare's campaign to fight corruption has inspired people across all age groups. Ranish Suresh's wife was too ill to travel but she made him promise to take their children along to support Anna in his cause.

“The youth should support Anna in his cause,” said karan Suresh.

“We are ready to give our lives for this cause. If the government doesn't listen, people will revolt,” said Ranish Suresh.

With not just the regular activists but civil society too joining in, Anna Hazare's fight against corruption is fast gaining momentum. But the question now is whether this will be enough to put pressure on pushing a bill that’s been pending for more than 40 years.