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Soon, antibiotics may not be effective on infections

Oct 30, 2013 10:35 AM IST India India

New Delhi: The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that we are at the end of the antibiotic era. So no antibiotics will work for us and many infections that are so far treatable, might not be so anymore. Antibiotic resistance and hospital acquired infections, a trend the doctors in the country are very worried about.

Gangaram Hospita, Vice Chairman of critical care Dr Sumit Ray said, "Hospital acquired infections have become a huge problem. In most of the hospitals what is happening now is that a person comes with a certain problem to the hospital, gets admitted to the hospital and then get a hospital-acquired infection and its even more difficult to treat that than the basic problem that they came with. It has become a life-threatening issue."

Thirty three years old Navneet Kaur was admitted to the hospital for a simple cesearian. "I was very happy, very very happy when I saw my baby first," she said.

But just after that, Navneet was denied the most basic joy of motherhood. It was two months before she could even touch her child, Navneet had gone in to the hospital for her delivery and she ended up acquiring a life threatening infection.

Navneet was immediately put on antibiotics but her infection did not respond to it. At just 33, after an acute kidney failure, her lungs had started failing.

Dr Sumit Ray said, "She was a completely healthy, normal person before this delivery, before this caesarean section and she ended up to the point that we could have lost her. At one point of time she was on very-very high support on all the life support measures. We went on to treat her with carbapenams, which are very expensive, and the latest generation antibiotics."

The antibiotic was not enough to save her.

Dr Sumit Ray said, "So we had to add another antibiotic which is called Colestin, which is an antibiotic from the 1950s, which was not used very often earlier because of its severe toxicity to the kidneys and the nerves. So possibly she could have been infected by a super-bug, which is like the NDM1, there is a high possibility."

Navneet has recovered from the superbug infection and is home now. But she is looking at atleast 15 weeks of bed rest.