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TN: textile industry in losses due to power cuts

Jun 02, 2011 10:04 AM IST India India

Coimbatore: It's India's textile capital but Coimbatoire, which has over 22, 00 spinning mills, is slowing down thanks to daily power cuts of over 7 hours. The production is down by over 40 per cent and many units on the verge of shut down.

The production loss is about RS 55-60 crores per day and the industry is very badly affected since power constitutes to 40 per cent of our expenses. The crisis is in a very bad situation and if things don't improve the mills will have to close down due to the losses, said J Thulasidharan, Chairman, The Southern India Mills' Association

Coimbatore's 10,000 small factories are also badly hit. Through the day they get just 80 per cent of their requirement from the power grid. But shockingly, during the peak hours of 6-10 pm, this drops to just 10 per cent. This is apart from scheduled power cuts of 3 hours every day.

"These are continuous process industries and we are not able to use generators to back us up because the input voltage requirement varies from 500-600 Volts which is not available in the generating segment. So this causes us to shut down or go for power purchase in the power exchanges"

Tamil Naidu has a power demand of 10,600 MW and a deficit of 2000 MW. Of this, Coimbatore, alone has a deficit of 600 MW.

Tamil Nadu Electricity Consumers Association President Mahendra Ramdas, "There is a shortfall of 600-700 MW for Coimbatore alone out of the 1500 MW for the state's shortfall and that's because it's a high consumer region with max number of HT consumers located in Coimbatore next.


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