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This kid likes chillies not candies

Mar 10, 2007 11:03 AM IST India India

Guwahati: Bhut Jolakias are red and hot. But not for five-year old Bantainam who gleefully picks up the red-hot chillies and chomps away to glory.

Unlike most children of his age Bantainam, has a fiery appetite for chillies, which he treats like candy.

“This chilly is commonly called Naga Jolakia or Bhut Jolakia and it is very hot,” says an expert on Jholokia Chillies and Lecturer, Cotton College, Dr Purnima Devi

Though it's impossible to know what makes him eat the chillies, Bantainam is ready for them anytime because he's understood that his eating chillies is getting him a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, people around him hope that the five-year-old will enter the record books soon as his favorite brand, the Bhut Jolokias have already made it to the Guinness books as the world’s hottest chillies.

Bhut Jolokias are nearly twice as hot as Red Savina, another variety of chilly that can bring tears to eye of even adults.

“This is chilly not available in the market as the season of it is over. One chilly costs around Rs 2.50 and is good for making pickles,” says a local chilly shop owner.

“This chilly is also good for health. It’s good for stomach aches,” says a customer.

But no matter how hot the Bhut Jolokia is, Bantainam makes look really cool.