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Conflict management for students in Assam

Aug 26, 2007 04:34 PM IST India India

Guwahati: The children of Assam are no strangers to violence - the peace the state wants will now be taught across Assam in classrooms.

This 12-year-old boy has seen violence too close. Lying in a heap of dead bodies he pretended to be dead when militants killed his parents in the Karbi Anglong hill district.

Now the state government is planning to introduce conflict management in classrooms of Assam.

OKDISCD Peace Studies Professor Anuradha Dutta said, "We want peace education to be part of the existing syllabus."

The objective to make these children aware of importance of peace. From the beginning of 2007 a Ford Foundation project on pre-emptive peace education is being carried in these schools of the conflict-ridden hill districts of North Cachar and Karbi Anglong.

"We visited some designated camps and in these camps we found out that that though in the ceasefire agreement there were a lot of promises about 100 teenagers we found each one of them had a gun with them and there was nothing in the name of capacity building these teenagers are getting," Dutta added.

And the Assam government feels for a state fed up with conflict it's critical for children to learn about peace in schools.

So this initiative will help these children prepare for peace in a violence-ridden state help them know about other children in different corners of Assam the hardships they go through and probably help them prepare for a brave new world.