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Assam: Young doctors fight death, diseases at camps

Aug 27, 2012 08:33 AM IST India India

Chirang: The Assam riots at the end of last month left nearly 80 people dead and lakhs homeless. The real challenge now lies in rehabilitating those who were displaced. And helping them are young doctors, who assist the men, women and children afflicted with diseases in the camps.

While children remain afflicted with diarrohea and fever, women suffer from leucorrhoea. There is also an alarming spike in cases of malaria, apart from the deep psychological trauma that is endured by all. The young doctors take it up as a challenge.

"In normal situation anyone can come but this is conflict. This is like any other disaster. So actually, the administration... they need support now. That's why we want to help," says Dr Ravi of Doctors For You.

Doctors For You, a humanitarian organisation, focuses on providing medical care during crisis, a pledge that began with the devastating Bihar floods in 2008.

For 35-year-old Dr Ravi, Assam conflict posed several new challenges than what he had encountered in Bihar.

"Even if someone is serious, there is fear in their mind, so that is the most difficult thing... We have to manage everything..." he says.

With a special focus on pregnant women and children of relief camps, their work here hasn't been without its share of frustrations. Improper use of medicines and unhygienic conditions are delaying cure.

"They say drugs are not working but they are not taking drugs properly. Educational level is such that they are not compliant... they are just hoarding the drugs," says Dr Abhijeet.

These doctors have crossed geographic boundaries, conquered linguistic difficulties, and have often battled personal dangers for their passion to help those who need their help the most.