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Durban: Deadlock over Kyoto at climate summit

Dec 05, 2011 11:14 PM IST India India

Durban: The UN climate summit in Durban seems to have reached a deadlock. Sources told CNN-IBN that EU has blamed India for not being a deal maker as India continues to support the old treaty i.e. Kyoto Protocol that excludes developing countries like India and China from take up any binding commitments.

'If you want mangoes, you need to like a mango tree,' that's the message Africa gave to the world that if one wants to curb climate change one will have to respect the Kyoto protocol. But India got off to a rocky start on Monday morning with the EU blaming it for being a deal breaker.

However, environmentalist Sunita Narain said that India was not a deal breaker.

Through the day, the south made it clear that they stand by Kyoto. China made it clear, but the Americans have stated that there is a clear deadlock at the talks.

So, it's now a question of who will blink first and will the developed world be able to divide the developing countries.