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3 bank heists in 10 days in Delhi, cops clueless

Nov 19, 2008 03:53 AM IST India India

New Delhi: In a span of less than 10 days, Delhi has witnessed 3 armed robberies. All of them involved fairly large sums of money. Rupees 5 lakh stolen from Hauz Khas and 24 lakhs from a bank in Rohini and 17 lakhs near the Satya Niketan colony all three from the national capital.

The last incident took place near the Satyaniketan colony in South Delhi on Tuesday morning. Two men on a motorbike drove up along a cash-transfer van and fired at the security guard. The guard sustained minor injuries and the culprits escaped with a suitcase containing rupees 17 lakh.

"We came out there were two guys on the motor cycle trying to snatch and then there were fire shots," says Eyewitness2, Beena Garg.

Earlier on Monday, armed robbers struck at the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur near Rohini in west Delhi. They made away with rupees 24 lakh holding bank staff and customers hostage. A week before that, four armed robbers took away Rupees 5 lakh from UCO Bank in Hauz Khas.
Police however remain tight-lipped about any possible connection between the three robberies.

“Investigations are on and we will see how the case develops,” says Rajan Bhagat.

No concrete links have been established so far but with such large sums of money in question, the police will soon have to come up with concrete answers.