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Mumbai's killer 'beerman' gets life term

Jan 01, 2009 09:31 PM IST India India

Mumbai: Ravindra Kontrole who gained notoriety as ‘The Beerman’, the dreaded serial killer of south Mumbai has finally been brought to book. A Mumbai court has found the 36-year-old guilty of murdering a man on a foot over bridge near Marine Lines on the 11th of January 2007. Kontrole has been awarded life imprisonment in the case. The killing was the last in a series of seven unsolved murders in south Mumbai between October 2006 and Jan 2007. The victim was stabbed nearly 20 times on his chest, abdomen, arms and thighs. Kantrole is believed to have enticed his victim to drink beer before killing him. ‘ His lawyers though say they will appeal against the judgement. "This is not a fair judgement, all the witnesses are false and I’ll go to the HC against this judgement,” says defense lawyer, Adv Kunjuraman. The ‘Beerman’s’ signature style included leaving a can of beer at the site of each murder. Kantrole, who was arrested on the 14th of January 2007 was initially charged for 3 of the murder but managed to get acquitted in 2 cases. It was scientific evidence such as brain-mapping tests and psycho-analysis reports along with two eye witness accounts that finally nailed him.