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Mumbai buses, the BEST place to lose your things

Jul 17, 2007 01:02 PM IST India India

Mumbai: Ever lost anything while travelling on a public transport and never hope to see it again?

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking or the BEST has set a good precedent of saving them for you.

This monsoon season itself the department collected more than 6,500 umbrellas left back in one of the 3,400 buses that ply on the roads of Mumbai.

"On an average we find at least 1,000 items each day. This department has been in existence ever since 1939. But not many people know about it,” says Assistant GM, Traffic Operations, Vinay Y Amdekar.

Apart from umbrellas, conductors on the buses find ladies purses, spectacles, ready-made garments, and even mobile phones, gold, passports, ration-cards and cash. There are instances where even cash to the tune of Rs 30,000 have been recovered and duly handed over to the department by the conductor.

"Things found in the bus are duly handed over to our department and we in-turn hand it over to the rightful owner after they have furnished proof of ownership,” says Officer In-charge, Lost and Found Department, Vilas Pansande.

The officials also say that most of the commuters do not take an effort to approach the department to claim the items that are lost. And so after a month the products find their way to the BEST auction that is conducted every two months.

So as much as our carelessness in may be leaving back something, the BEST department takes extra care to ensure those things they find are kept in pristine condition. So the next time you lose something on a BEST bus try and find your way to the Wadala depot because there are chances that you will find your lost item in one of the cabinets.