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MI6 wants spies; trigger-happy womanisers are out

Dec 05, 2007 01:07 PM IST India India

London: With all the glamour assigned to the job of a spy in books and films, one may be forgiven for thinking recruiters of spies have an easy job. But finding the right people – those who are not necessarily young, attractive, or even deadly – takes some creative outreach. Although James Bond is the iconic image of a British spy, he is not really what the recruiters are looking for. Said former MI6 Officer Harry Ferguson, “We want tall, short, fat, old, young. Preferably young, because you get more mileage out of them when you train them. So, there shouldn’t be a typical intelligence officer. So great is the demand for new talent in Britain's intelligence services they are recruiting more openly and more creatively than ever before. The Government's Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, is Britain's high-tech listening post and in a bid to find computer-savvy new blood, it is posting job ads inside on-line video games. GCHQ Spokesperson Alan Thompson said, “What we're offering is high technology. People who need to react in very quick time scales to deliver the needs for our services. So, we're looking for the best people.” MI5, Britain's domestic security service, has its own recruitment website. So does MI6, the foreign spy agency, where hopefuls can take an online test to see if they've got what it takes. And to intensify the recruitment drive, for the first time MI6 officers and its chief recruiter have given a radio interview, shooting down the Bond myth: “So working over there has nothing to do with fast cars, beautiful women or being licensed to kill. Those who've done the job, say in general terms, it’s about getting other people around the world to reveal their secrets, often at risk to their lives. They say it's hard work, never glamorous, but there are rare moments that almost live up to the hype.” Britain now wants non-British looking spies who speak obscure languages. Suave, trigger-happy, womanisers or man-eaters need not apply.