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Drivers are rash: Bandra residents

Apr 13, 2007 10:44 PM IST India India

Mumbai:The still of the Carter Road in suburban Bandra in Mumbai was shattered when Alistair Pereira’s car came smashing in the pavement leaving seven migrants dead and eight injure last year.

In what is called the hit-and-run case, the Periera case today is a sinister reflection of the way things stand with evidence or nothing to show for it.

However, that doesn’t change how the residents of the Carter Road area feel.

"There are still motorists who speed across. Children are unsafe and there is no one to monitor,” says Debby.

"The drivers don’t respect pedestrians. They think the road is their own. There are school children who cross the road,” adds Marriane.

Periera might have gotten away lightly, but activists feel such mild sentences are due to police callousness.

"The police haven’t done their job which is why the legal system has failed. Has life in Mumbai become so cheap?” questions civic activist, Ksharma Kulkarni.

While residents grapple with the verdict, life in Bandra gathers speed around the now empty Carter Road, a road that still remains a sinister reminder for pedestrians, and a hot track for speed trippers.