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Chennai cops fine minors riding bikes without license

Jul 17, 2008 02:12 AM IST India India

Chennai: Chennai Police’s latest worry is school going kids on fast and furious motor bikes.

The Police have started a crack down on kids who are riding without licenses and they are even fining parents for letting their kids get on to a motorbike without a license.

It seems that nearly every student in Chennai has replaced the traditional bi-cycle with a motorcycle.

Those zipping past include students like 16-year old Yasser. He is in his XII standard and he still does not have a driving license. However, for the last three-years, he has been burning the roads in his 150CC motorcycle.

“I don't have a license but I have been riding my bike to school for two-years now,” says Yasser.

Chennai Police have fined more than 40 students in then last ten days and they have also started fining the person in whose name the vehicles are registered.

“This is the second phase of our drive against minors riding two wheelers. We have identified schools and held meeting with the school management and parents asking them to not encourage the minors,” says Additional Commissioner of Traffic, Sunil Kumar.

The Chennai Police also want school authorities to ensure that their students do not ride a bike without a license.