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Delhi remains the most loved city

Aug 24, 2006 08:29 AM IST India India

New Delhi: Delhi's first Human Development Report based on a survey of over 14,000 households across the city's socio-economic spectrum was released on Thursday.

While, it gives a detailed view of the problems plaguing the city, the report also shows that an unexpected number of people are unwilling to move anywhere else.

“Delhi is a green city which has rich and fantastic historical background. It has everything that a city should have except proper planning,” says Delhi resident Animesh Narang

According to the report, Delhi has the highest per capita income in the country. However, it leads the four metros when it comes to crimes against women. Besides, most residents feel that issues like power crisis, water shortage and crime still need to be fixed.

“Infrastructure is one of the basic problems here. Power supply gets disrupted every now and then. Besides there is major shortage of drinking water in the city,” says Delhi resident Gautam.

When it comes to crime, only 19 per cent of respondents feel the city is safe. Out of the 100,000 cases in the country, almost 14 cases registered are from Delhi of crime against women, compared to seven in Chennai and four each in Mumbai and Kolkata.

“Safety for women is the most important aspect which should be taken care of,” says resident Meghna.
Population rise is also an alarming factor.

Delhi population of 14 million is expected to hit 19 million by 2010. There's a projected 50 per cent increase in population over the next 10 years.

“Problem is Population, growing day by day. The space is adequate but load on civic amenities population,” says Monu Chadha, President Jangpura RWA.

The survey finds that Delhi has failed to address the concerns of the aged, disadvantaged and working children and the disabled. But despite all that's wrong with the city a whopping 82 per cent of respondents want to continue living in Delhi.

“I love my Delhi, whatever it is, I love my Delhi,” says Delhi resident and Monu.

Having modified the Millennium Development Goals, Delhi has its own list of targets to achieve by 2015.