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Doctors say you can treat dengue at home now

Sep 23, 2010 01:21 PM IST India India

New Delhi: Delhi is officially the dengue capital of India with more than 2,500 cases registered already.

It’s the worst outbreak in a decade, but some basic steps can make life easier for you.

The outbreak isn't dying down any time soon. Many hospitals have converted rooms into dengue wards and yet there's a shortage of beds in the city.

The last thing you want to have deal with when you've been diagnosed with dengue is to rush from hospital to hospital in the city, looking for space in often overcrowded dengue wards.

The good news is doctors say in most cases, you can provide adequate care -- even at home.

That's because we aren't seeing the more deadly strain of the dengue virus this time. Remember every case isn't dengue haemorrhagic fever and may not require hospitalisation.

So here's what the doctor ordered, for you to take care of yourself at home.

Dr Bagai said: “At home take lot of oral liquids, maintain hydration, pass lot of urine. Medicine should be paracetamol if fever is high.”

“The worst thing is to self-medicate or treat pharmacist as doctor.
Don’t tale a combination fever medicines -- ibuprofen, nismesulide – as this can hamper the platelet production and preciptitae bleeding.”

Dr Bagai said: “The most important thing is if you have a high-grade fever, rash, vomiting and eye pain, visit your local doctor the same day. If you have fever -- low or moderate and lasting 48 hours – you should see a doctor.”

In kids, if there is profuse vomitting or diarrhoea, the fever is very high, there are rashes or impending bleeding and the platelet count is low, see a doctor immediately.

Also be ready to arrange for someone who's got a compatible blood group to volunteer in the event that you need a platelet transfusion.