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What you pop for diabetes could turn fatal

Jul 31, 2007 12:57 PM IST India India

New Delhi: It’s disturbing news for the 40 million Indians living with diabetes type II. Two drugs commonly used in treatment can double the risk of heart failure, finds a US study.

The drugs - Rosiglitazone and Pioglitazone of the class of drugs called Thiazolinediones are frequently used by almost five to 7.5 million diabetics in India.

The study finds that over a 26-month period, for every 50 diabetes type II patients taking the drug there would be one extra heart failure.

“We knew that they cause fluid retention four years ago but this study for the first time is done on a large scale and confirms that they do cause heart failure,” says Dr Anoop Misra.

Other alternatives to these drugs are widely available today. So, consult your physician for advice, if you are being prescribed the following drugs.


  • Winidia (GSK)

  • Enselin (Torrent)

  • Rosinorm (Micro)

  • Rosizon(Emcure)


  • Opam (Wockhardt Ltd)

  • Diavista (Dr Reddy's)

  • Dibizone (Novartis)

  • Iozone (Nicolas Piramal)

  • “This study shows that it is not just possible in elderly and those susceptible to heart disease but also younger people,” says Dr Misra.

    The US FDA issued a warning against these drugs in May. Although there has been no official warning in India, doctors are increasingly opting for other alternatives.