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Gujarat: Woman fights her way out of coma, identifies her attackers four years after attack

Aug 14, 2014 08:09 AM IST India India

Ahmedabad: In an incident of sheer grit and determination, a 26-year-old woman, Dimple Patel, in Gujarat identified her alleged attackers in court four years after the attack. The brutal assault had left the woman in coma for almost a year. The woman has lost her hearing and can barely talk and walk because of the attack.

The worst phase in the life of Dimple Patel is perhaps over, but the scars still remain. On February 24, 2010, while she was going for her MBA classes in Ahmedabad, four men followed and allegedly attacked her. She was brutally beaten with sticks and an iron wrench and left to die along a railway track. Dimple remained in coma for nearly a year, but finally pulled through.

"The doctors said that there is a 99.99 per cent chance that she would not come out of coma. But we kept our hope alive. We wanted her to live," said Dharmendra Patel, Dimple's brother.

Until she came out of coma, her family had no clue what exactly happened to her. It was only after she regained consciousness that the truth came to light. Dimple revealed her assailants to be relatives of her brother's wife. She even identified them in court.

"The court should give them strict punishment so that they do not repeat this with any other girl. I have suffered, but others should not," Dimple said.

Dimple has been left severely disabled by the attack, but her resolve to fight on continues. "If I would be okay, my MBA would have been complete and I would have a job. Now I cannot hear, neither can I walk or talk properly. Bad times can come to anybody and anytime. We will have to struggle and fight on," Dimple said.