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Election Epicentre: Battle of Alliances in Tamil Nadu

Feb 20, 2019 04:07 PM IST India India

In end of 2018 - Rahul Gandhi gained significant momentum ahead of the 2019 elections - winning 3 big states in the hindi heartland - powerful shows of strength of a united opposition - while the TDP exited the NDA and the Sena continued to create trouble for the Modi Sarkar. Now it seems the tables have turned - The NDA is powering forward creating and solidifying alliances in Bihar, Maharashtra and today securing an alliance with the AIADMK and the PMK in Tamil Nadu. The NDA is crafting a pan india alliance - sending a message to other parties which might be having second thoughts. Meanwhile - Rahul Gandhi is failing to become the glue of a united opposition - SP-BSP have frozen out the Congress in Uttar Pradesh - Mamata has ruled out an alliance in Bengal - there will be no Congress-AAP alliance in Delhi and Punjab and after the Prajakutami disaster in 2018 - the TDP and Congress will go their separate ways. So despite the Opposition rallies and the photo-ops - the NDA seems to be the real grand alliance ahead of polls.