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Election Epicentre: Rahul’s 2019 Promise

Apr 02, 2019 10:43 PM IST India India

Rahul Gandhi has rolled out his mission statement for the 2019 Mahayudh. Rupiya - Roti - Rozgaar - Rural distress - Raksha - These are Rahul's 5 Rs for the 2019 elections. It is Garibi Hatao 2.0, Rahul Gandhi invoking his Grandmother Indira Gandhi's poll mantra to take on the Modi Juggernaut. The BJP has hit back at Rahul, calling the promises a bluff, saying it is a fake welfare scheme aimed to raise taxes. Congress Manifesto has also highlighted reviewing and easing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act angering the BJP. Arun Jaitley hits back saying that the Congress is promoting the ideas of the tukde tukde gang poses a major threat to the integrity of India. On the economic front, Rahul is using the same election formula that pushed his party to power in three big states in 2018, giving a big challenge to the Modi government but on the security front he has given ammunition to the BJP. With less than 2 weeks left for polling to begin, has Rahul Gandhi created a winning formula for the elections or has he given BJP the edge in the nationalism debate?