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Epicentre: Stop Killer Buses

Jul 15, 2019 10:29 PM IST India India

Its a story that doesnt make into prime time...but its a story that must be told. A week back 29 people lost their lives as their bus driver fell asleep at the wheel on the Agra-Lucknow highway. Could this accident have been avoided....yes! had the govt and the officials followed the stated protocol But the UP State transport drivers are forced to work inhumanly long shifts over days- and some resort to drugs to stay awake. The government babus make a profit - a quick buck - while risking the lives of the aam aadmi. Our correspondent Saahil Menghani went undercover for a week to expose UP's government run inter-city and inter-state buses - uncovering how bureaucrats and over-worked drivers have turned them into coffins on wheels. Equipped with multiple spy cameras, and poseing to be a passenger who's worried for his safety after the Lucknow-Agra accident, Sahil spoke to multiple drivers- here's what he found.