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Board exams: No extra time for blind students in TN

Mar 13, 2009 12:11 AM IST India India

Chennai: Specially-abled students in Tamil Nadu may no longer get an extra hour to write their board exams, if the letter from the director of government examination is considered by the education ministry.

Students will have to manage with just a scribe and submit their examination papers in the stipulated time as the others.

"They gave us extra time today, but if they don't give it will be very difficult. We definitely need the extra time," says a visually impaired student.

According to a 1993 government order, all physically challenged students are eligible for extra time in their higher secondary state examinations, but in its letter to the social welfare department, the director of government examinations states that the specially abled students are given enough concessions and need not be given extra time.

“We have some concessions for some students who are willing to write their own exams. We give them extra time but according to the Government order we provide only a scribe. For those who have extra time, scribe is not given and for those who get scribe, extra time is not given,” says Director of Government Examination, Vasanthi Jeevanandam.

If the go allows only for a scribe or extra time, then the question arises as to why did the director of government examinations ask for the withdrawal of the extra time in her letter to the social welfare department.

There are a lot of unanswered questions, but the one that needs to be answered immediately is what the need for this letter was at this time, when the examinations are underway.