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donald trump india visit
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Families Selling Their Children Due To Drought In Afghanistan

Nov 24, 2018 04:21 PM IST India India

A drought in Afghanistan is forcing some parents to do the unthinkable, sell their children to feed the family. It's not to record violence, or Taliban control of territory they are fleeing. Not ISIS, or unparalleled airstrikes by the coalition, that has finally forced them from their homes. They're instead running from drought - a record dry spell forcing more families in Afghanistan from their homes this year than the war is. Meet Mamareen and her 6 year old daughter, Akila. Mamareen has sold Akila for $3,000 to this man Najmuddin, who will give her to his ten year old son Sher Agha. Akila's buyer - Najmuddin - thinks buying a six year old is an act of charity. It is a world of survival and unimaginable choices, where families must betray each other to live. And winter is ahead, promising to be colder, as arid, and hungrier too.